Riemann Techno Drums 8 (24bit WAV Oneshots for Akai, Elektron, Ableton...)

Riemann Techno Drums 8 (24bit WAV Oneshots for Akai, Elektron, Ableton...)

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Riemann Techno Drums 8 presents a top-tier collection of 24-bit WAV one-shot samples designed to elevate your music production in 2024.

Covering a spectrum from softer genres to Hardgroove and Hard Techno, this sample pack offers versatility for various styles.

Compatible with major DAWs like Ableton, Logic Pro, Cubase, FL Studio, and ideal for hardware samplers such as Akai MPC, Elektron, and MASCHINE, these samples seamlessly integrate into your creative workflow.

Kick Drums, Claps, FX, Noises, Percussions, and Snares are expertly captured in a high-quality studio, originating from iconic hardware drum machines like the Roland 808 and 909. Our Eurorack Modular Synth adds a unique character to each sound.

Benefit from meticulous processing with analog effects and stomp boxes for warmth and character. For tailored sonic landscapes, additional EQing and processing are recommended to suit your preferences.

Fine-tune the pitch knob on your sampler for optimal tuning, unlocking the full sonic potential. This simple adjustment ensures maximum impact, seamlessly integrating Riemann Techno Percussions into your musical creations.

Download contains:

  • 312 x 24-bit Wav files, 89MB

What's Inside

  • 50 Claps
  • 65 HiHats
  • 18 Impact Fx
  • 68 Kicks
  • 07 Noises
  • 58 Percussion
  • 10 Rides
  • 27 Snares
  • 09 Toms

Customer Reviews

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Kitted Out

Glad to add this to the collection


great pack <3

Very Good *****

Very Good *****

Useful for Techno, Electronica & other Genres.

Grant Mackie
Techno Drums 8

Excellent samples - as always from Riemann. Great selection that will suit the needs of anyone looking for drums for a techno beat - suits a range of genres. Nice job and highly recommended

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