Riemann Rave Techno 02 Template for Ableton Live 10 (and 11 and higher)

Riemann Rave Techno 02 Template for Ableton Live 10 (and 11 and higher)

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Demo Song

 Rave Techno Template for Ableton

This template is for you if you want to have insight into a mastered, club optimized and fully arranged Rave Techno track in Ableton Live 10 (or higher).

You will mainly learn how to use loops and oneshots and how the track is structured and built up. Only one playable synth with MIDI is used so you will see how much is possible with mainly audio samples!

In total you will find 18 layers like a kickdrum layer, sub bass layer, many hihats and a ride layer, a vocal and a synth layers as well as a playable lead synth incl. 5 automations and clever marco mappings.

You will also learn how the layers are mixed and you will hear the difference between an unmastered track and a mastered track.
The included Riemann 2021 Mastering chain is lifting the premaster mix into a new level so it can compete with any released mastered track from Beatport!

The style is a fresh blend of modern Rave Techno inspired by Fjaak, Ellen Allien, Dax J, I Hate Models, Hector Oaks, Berghain and Bassiani Club.

The team behind Riemann Kollektion provides you with more than 15 years of experience in Techno production. All sounds are made for maximum impact on large horn soundsystems like Funktion One, Lambda Labs or VOID.

Fully arranged and mastered Track (5:21) at 145bpm
16 WAV Samples

5 Automations

18 Layers in 3 group channels:

1 Techno Mastering Chain
1 Kickdrum Layer
1 Transient Layer
1 Sub Bass Layer
4 HiHat Layers
1 Ride Layer
2 Percussion Layers
3 Synth Layers
3 Vocal Layers
2 Send Return Channels

Needs Ableton Live 10 Suite or higher


License agreement:

All audio files are royalty free, in order to use the synths for your own unique compositions you have to change the melodies. The full song as it is cannot be released without making changes of main melodies. Feel free to use the template as a starting point for your own songs, take single layers and change the melodies. You are allowed to release a song made with the help of the template commercially if you have changed all melodies so that the result is musically significantly distinguishable from the original template.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice template

Great sound i like it

Too much Hyper

This is more Hyper than Techno.

Jason A.
Perfect blend of Rave and Techno

Glad I found this! Finally a template for Ableton which shows me how to come from single sounds to an arranged and mastered track! It sounds so good... waiting for more!

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