Hard Techno Essentials 1 by Sinee (24bit WAV Sounds & MIDI)

Hard Techno Essentials 1 by Sinee (24bit WAV Sounds & MIDI)

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Introducing Hard Techno Essentials 001, Sinee proudly unveil the inaugural sample pack from their cutting-edge sub-label, Hard Techno Inc.

Offering you an exquisite collection of meticulously handcrafted Hard Techno sounds, this seminal release is nothing less than a comprehensive production toolkit, meticulously assembled with all the quintessential elements of Hard Techno:

From the resonant depths of Kick Loops and Bass Loops, spanning both low and mid frequencies, to the unyielding grit of Hard Techno Loops and the melodic intricacies of Synth Lines, complete with accompanying Midi Files.

This pack empowers you to forge a full-fledged Hard Techno production exclusively with its contents.

Boasting an expansive arsenal of 418 Hard Techno samples, it facilitates the swift creation of your personalized Hard Techno signature, catering to preferences from the relentlessly rolling to the emphatically thumping, and even embracing the nuances of industrial soundscapes.

For those seeking the pinnacle of ultra-professional, artisanal Hard Techno samples, Hard Techno Inc. now stands as your premier source of high-fidelity sounds.


Hard Techno Essentials Details:

  • An extensive collection of 418 Hard Techno Samples
  • 30 Pulsating Hard Kick Drum Loops
  • 100 Distorted Bass Loops
  • 64 Nasty Mid Bass Loops
  • 152 Heavy Synth Lines
  • 40 Hard Schranz Loops
  • 32 Synth Midi Files
  • Compatible with any DAW
  • All samples are royalty-free, permitting their use in your musical releases

Who Should Explore These Hard Techno Samples?

  • Individuals in pursuit of the fundamental components of Hard Techno
  • Creatives seeking fresh inspiration and innovative ideas
  • Producers aspiring to elevate their Hard Techno sound
  • Enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the Hard Techno genre

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