Sounds like Space92 Hard Techno Template for Ableton Live 10 (or higher)
Sounds like Space92 Hard Techno Template for Ableton Live 10 (or higher)

Sounds like Space92 Hard Techno Template for Ableton Live 10 (or higher)

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Demo Song


Space 92 Hard Techno template for Ableton

If you need a quick starting point for your Hard Techno Techno production, this template for Ableton 10 (or higher) will help you to get a tracks done faster!

Inspiration will hit you after opening the template and changing the sounds - you can use it in Ableton only with stock plugins or with Serum presets - you can choose which project you open.

Inspired by Drumcode, Umek, Popof, Charlotte De Witte, Amelie Lens, Awakenings Festival...


What's inside:

  • 1 Track Template (fully arranged - length 6:14)
  • 33 Layers
  • 26 MIDI files
  • Automations
  • 25 Effect Racks
  • 15 Serum Presets
  • Needs Ableton Live 10 Suite or higher (additionally you can open a project with serum presets)


Download size: 147MB


Add this mastering chain for free to your cart to get your track as loud as any mastered Techno track:

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License agreement:

All audio files are royalty free, in order to use the synths for your own unique compositions you have to change the melodies. The full song as it is cannot be released without making changes of main melodies. Feel free to use the template as a starting point for your own songs, take single layers and change the melodies. You are allowed to release a song made with the help of the template commercially if you have changed all melodies so that the result is musically significantly distinguishable from the original template.


Customer Reviews

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cristian sava
very good

My dream come true

Very nice


Space92 Hard Techno Template

This is a great template. I love the song, and it really helps to be able to be able to see all the different layers and elements involved in the composition. The Serum presets are very helpful too.

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