Riemann Hard Techno 12 Template for Ableton Live 11

Riemann Hard Techno 12 Template for Ableton Live 11

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Demo Song

Hard Techno Template for Ableton 11

This template is designed for those eager to delve into the intricacies of a professionally produced, club-ready Hard Techno track using Ableton Live 11 Suite or later versions.

Immerse yourself in the creative process with 13 distinct layers, including a powerful kick drum and bass, a variety of percussion textures, engaging synth lines, and both analog and digital synths recorded for authenticity. Experience ease in tweaking your sound with three straightforward automations.

Additionally, the template comes equipped with the complimentary Riemann Mastering Chain for Techno, expertly configured to deliver stellar sound quality and unrivaled impact, whether played in clubs or through expansive horn sound systems.

Crafted to embody the cutting-edge fusion of modern Hard Techno with Rave-influenced synth melodies, this template draws inspiration from the genre's leading lights such as Kobosil, Klangkuenstler, Amelie Lens, and the electrifying atmosphere of the Awakenings Festival. Dive into this template to elevate your music production to new heights.

Fully arranged and mastered Track (4:51) at 150bpm

  • 22 WAV samples and aiff recordings
  • 3 Automations

13 Layers in 3 group channels:

  • 1 Techno Mastering Chain
  • 1 Kickdrum Layer
  • 2 Bass Layers
  • 7 Percussion Layer
  • 4 Synth Layers
  • 2 Send Return Channels

Needs Ableton Live 11 Suite or higher

License agreement:

All audio files are royalty free, in order to use the synths for your own unique compositions you have to change the melodies.
The full song as it is cannot be released without making changes of main melodies. Feel free to use the template as a starting
point for your own songs, take single layers and change the melodies. You are allowed to release a song made with the help of
the template commercially if you have changed all melodies so that the result is musically significantly distinguishable from
the original template.

Riemann Kollektion 2024

Customer Reviews

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nice template

Perfect Work Thx

Dope hard template

I particularly like the synths in this one. Sounds super rough, just how I like.

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