FREE DOWNLOAD: Riemann Techno Mastering Chain 2023 for Ableton Live

FREE DOWNLOAD: Riemann Techno Mastering Chain 2023 for Ableton Live

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Track mastered using the Riemann Techno Mastering Chain 2023:

Riemann Techno Mastering Chain 2020 for Ableton Live 10 (11 or higher)

Techno Mastering Chain for Ableton

You want your Techno productions in Ableton sound like a mastered track by Dax J, Oscar Mulero, Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Ben Klock, Florian Meindl, Truncate, Umwelt, Kobosil, I Hate Models, Klangkuenstler etc.?

This Mastering chain for Ableton Live is a clever combination of effects connected to Macro knobs - so you can easily and quickly decide if you want to have more bass, mids, hights or simply more pressure in your mixed track.



How to use the Riemann Techno Mastering Chain 2023

  1. When you are satisfied with your mix,  simply drag and drop this effect rack into the master channel of your Ableton Live Suite 11 (or higher) and make sure you don't clip (red) on the individual track channels. Around 6db hearoom is recommended.
  2. Adjust the input gain macro of the mastering chain so that you can hear some compression. Look on the first compressor, it should touch the yellow line a little bit. Some (unwanted) peaks are reduced here already.
  3. Turn the "Hipass Rumble" Macro as far up as possible until it starts loosing some bass. then bring it back just a little bit. This will allow the track to have more volume and impact because the sub bass consumes a lot of unnecessary energy.
  4. Turn up and down the Bass, Mid and High Macros according to your taste. 
  5. Turn up or down the limiter gain macro so that the limiter cuts just a little bit (maximum 2db) You can see the amount it cuts in the meter indicated with orange color. The Glue compressor has got soft clipping activated so it acts similar to a limiter as well - try to switch it off and feel free to go to maximum 6db in the limiter.
  6. Now listen to a mastered reference track which you like and adjust the bass, mid and high macros again to achieve a similar balance of frequencies in your production! If this is not enough feel free to adjust the first equalizer further. 
  7. Additionally you can add a vinyl distortion effect by activating the effect right before the limiter.

Sooner or later you will feel more comfortable with the mastering chain and you will be able to make more adjustments!


ANALOG MASTERING for Techno & House, done by Florian Meindl:

Riemann Mastering (Berlin)

Watch Riemann Kollektion CEO Florian Meindl explaining his analog mastering chain:


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Very nice

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all sound is maked with much love

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Its prettt good


FREE DOWNLOAD: Riemann Techno Mastering Chain 2023 for Ableton Live

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