Fast Modern Techno Template for Ableton Live 11 (or higher) by Sinee

Fast Modern Techno Template for Ableton Live 11 (or higher) by Sinee

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Are you aiming to craft swift, complexly interwoven techno compositions of the highest caliber?

Immerse yourself into the avant-garde Fast Modern Techno Sound with this distinguished Ableton Live Project File.

This sound, currently being sculpted by luminaries such as Chlär, Lars Huismann, Rove Ranger, and ANNĒ, finds its sanctuary within the esteemed labels like Mutual Rytm.

Within this template, an intricately produced techno track, spanning 05:36 minutes, awaits your meticulous exploration.

Delve into the project file to unveil how layered rhythms emerge from a fusion of drums and percussive synths, empowering you to subsequently forge sophisticated techno rhythms on your own.

Furthermore, the project file serves as a primer on layer management, elucidating the significance of amalgamating multiple sounds to fabricate exceptionally resonant synths, thereby bestowing a unique sonic signature upon your tracks.

Details of the Ableton Live Project File include:

37 Tracks
Duration of 05:36 minutes
18 Ableton Live Racks
29 Samples
2 Wavetables
A comprehensive Ableton Live Project exclusively utilizing Ableton Live Devices
Compatibility starts from Ableton Live 11.3.12 Suite
Through engaging with this Ableton Live Project File, you will acquire knowledge on:

  • Mastery of Ableton Live Devices
  • Advanced Synth Processing
  • Refined Sidechain Workflow
  • Dynamic Mixing Techniques
  • Crafting of Techno Drums
  • Innovative Synth Design using Wavetable
  • Group Processing Strategies
  • Integration of Noises, FX, and Riser
  • Sophisticated FX Processing
  • Proficient use of Return Tracks


Customer Reviews

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nice template


Top template for modern techniques

Since this genre is the one I am producing currently, I wanted to compare my workflow with other ways of producing. Learned a lot of new techniques thanks to this template.

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