Riemann Distorted Kicks 4 (24bit WAV Loops & Oneshots)

Riemann Distorted Kicks 4 (24bit WAV Loops & Oneshots)

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Demo Song

 The forth issue of this popular series on Riemann Kollektion brings you once more top notch distorted kickdrums for modern Techno in the style of "Dax J", "Surgeon" or "I Hat Models". 

This package consists of 50 analog distorted kickdrum loops & 50 single (oneshot) kick drums, mainly designed for the genre Techno and Hardcore.

All Loops & Oneshots are crafted from scratch, mainly produced within Riemann's large eurorack modular system using oscillators, envelopes, filters, saturation, distortion and LFO's and also different guitar amps and EQs to shape them for maximum impact on Club Soundsystems like Funktion-One or VOID.

The package will satisfy the modern Berghain influenced Techno producer of today who is looking for rough but breathing organic foundations of their tracks.

Pack Content:

• Full collection size is 67Mb.
• Contains 50 x 24-bit one-shot kick drums and 50 kick loops at 128bpm plus an additional Hihat Loop which is also contained in the demo song.

Customer Reviews

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very disorted very kicks. i recommed


amazing work thanks

Alexander Scott
Riemann Distorted Kicks do the trick!

I’d been working on creating some hard techno for some time - never really managed to get my kicks right. This meaty distorted kick collection shows you what’ll really hold its own in a composition - a very cool selection of kicks with just the right balance of distinctive upper/mid frequencies, and a bottom end you can feel. The kick is a complex thing, and one should learn from the guys who know how to do things right! I’m very happy with my purchase.

Sofia Ekman
Perfect kicks

A nice collection of kicks.
Thanks alot!

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