ASHRAM Organic House Template 4 for Ableton Live

ASHRAM Organic House Template 4 for Ableton Live

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Demo Song

Afro Downtempo Template for Ableton Live

With this Organic House Downtempo template for Ableton Live 10 you can learn how a song is structured and you can change sounds and MIDI notes according to your taste to produce your own track.

Inspired by Innervisions, DJ Dixon, Bar 25, Sol Selectas... 


Fully arranged and mastered Track (10:09) at 110bpm

  • 24 WAV Samples
  • 8 Automations
  • 1 MIDI layer

17 Layers in 4 group channels:

  • 1 Downtempo House Mastering Chain
  • 1 Kick Layer
  • 1 Clap Layer
  • 1 Snare Layer
  • 2 Hihat Layers
  • 3 Percussion Layers
  • 1 Acid Bass Layer
  • 1 Kanon Instrument Layer
  • 1 Vocal Layer
  • 3 Synth Layers
  • 3 Fx Layers
  • 2 Send Return Channels

Needs Ableton Live 10 Suite or higher



Templates License Agreement:

You can release music you did with the help of templates commercially if you change each single melody by 20% minimum. You can use drum patterns as they are and all audio files are royalty free.

We highly recommend to use the templates to learn how a song is structured and how to produce a song and as a starting point for your own track. You should change the notes but also the macro settings to create your own unique sound to avoid sounding like somebody else.

What you cannot do:

You must not produce own sample libraries with the template or re-sell the template.

It is prohibited to put the template on any file sharing platforms.

You don't have the right to claim ownership on any melodies or the whole template as it is.

ASHRAM Sounds 2022



Customer Reviews

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Inspiriting and educational. thanks!

Mads Dalholt
great inspiration

It is such a great way to get some good inspiration, or to grab a particular sound you may have been attracted to perhaps without always knowing how to remake it. It is also a great starting point for a new track or a way to see a lot of the layers in this genre.

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