Riemann PsyTrance Racks for Ableton Live 11

Riemann PsyTrance Racks for Ableton Live 11

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Demo Song

PsyTrance Racks Template Ableton Live

The Riemann Psy Racks collection provides you with a powerful and versatile toolkit with everything inside to produce your next big Psytrance track.

With a wide selection of handcrafted Kick Drums, Drum Racks, Synthesizers and Effect Racks this pack will give you all fundamental elements needed to start your next state-of-the-art Psytrance production.

All fully customizable Racks are packed within an Ableton Live 11 Suite Project giving deep insight of how the individual pieces can fit together in your own production. With ready to use Top Drum-, Bassline-, FM Synth- and FX-MIDI patterns there won’t be a single thing you’ll miss in this package. As all racks are equipped with multiple macros you’ll have full control and flexibility of all sounds inside this package!

Kick Rack

PsyTrance Kick Rack Ableton Live
The Kick Rack provides you with 16 handcrafted Psytrance Kick Drums. With macros like „Punch“ „Click“, „Crunch“, „Transpose“ and more all 16 Kicks can be tweaked precisely to your individual needs. A built in Compressor and an option to „De Mud“ your signal will give you everything to make your Kick stand out in seconds.

Bassman Rack v1 & v2

PsyTrance Bass Rack Ableton Live
Both Racks follow the same philosophy: Giving you the best possible Bassline sounds FAST! With full control over Shape, Cutoff, Click, Noise Level and other features you’ll never waste time designing your bass line sounds again. Drag it into your project and start making music, now!

Drum Rack 1 & 2

PsyTrance Drum Rack Ableton Live
Inspired by modern Psytrance productions both Drum racks offer a huge variety in Snare-, Hi Hat-, Shaker-, Crash- and FX-sounds. The 28 individual samples coming with both racks can be adjusted to your individual taste using macros controlling either the samples themselves or the effects used inside the rack´s effect chain.

Instrument Racks

PsyTrance Instrument Rack Ableton Live
All 19 instrument racks are fully adjustable with macros and cover sounds from ARPs, Basses, Leads, FMs, Pads and FX. Especially the FM Leads, deeply inspired by today’s Psytrance productions, will provide you with all that’s needed to make your production stand out amongst others. With full control over the used wavetables and effects all racks become extremely versatile and flexible. Create big and cutting edge sounds in seconds!

FX Racks

PsyTrance Effect Rack Ableton Live
Delay: This package gives you two Delays especially designed to create BIG and trippy Psytrance Delays. The effect parameters can be adjusted to the individual needs of your production using macros. Pro tip: The Delays can create very long feedbacks. Use them wisely!

Bass Ducker

PsyTrance Bass Ducker Rack Ableton Live
A simple but effective „Side Chain“ effect for your bass lines and Synth sounds using Auto Pan. No compressors needed. Say goodbye to latency and routing issues and get your bass lines ducked fast and precisely!

Kick Bass Glue

PsyTrance Kick Bass Glue Rack Ableton Live
Glue your Kick and Bass together and make them stand out in your mix using „Kick Bass Glue“. This effect rack uses a club tested effect chain to make your kick and bass sound huge and powerful. Safe your master limiter some work, do it in the mix!


x filter psy trance rack ableton

Probably the most used effect in Psytrance. Use the „X Filter“ on your Kick and Bass Group and let your Kick and Bass fade in and out smoothly - with only one knob!
Use the macro „Resonance“ to create a bigger effect.

Needs Ableton Live 11 Suite or higher

License agreement:

All audio files are royalty free, in order to use the synths for your own unique compositions you have to change the melodies. The full song as it is cannot be released without making changes of main melodies. Feel free to use the template as a starting point for your own songs, take single layers and change the melodies. You are allowed to release a song made with the help of the template commercially if you have changed all melodies so that the result is musically significantly distinguishable from the original template.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful material

This is great

Now I know how this is done. Thank you Riemann crew!



Fun to use!

Great racks for Trance music for a fair price.

Grant Mackie
PsyTrance Racks - Great for Learning & Quick Start

Thisis a relatively new genre for me asa producer so having these high quality tracks to set-up in Live and direct what is going is a great aid to learning. In the same vein it is simplicity itself to load a rack for bass, drums etc and off you go. Great product.

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