Riemann 20GB Techno Sample Pack Bundle 2021

RIEMANN 20GB (12.053 x 24bit WAV Techno Loops & Oneshots) 2021 Edition ...

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If you are a serious Techno producer, this ultimate Techno sample pack bundle enables you to own almost the whole Riemann Kollektion catalogue. You will have all top notch sounds at hand for a successful Techno release!

The bundle consists of 55 sample packs and if it's on sale it only costs a fracture of the price of the individual packs which are together over 1100€.

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Techno Producer

All sample packs mainly crafted by Berlin Techno producer Florian Meindl on his large modular synth as well as classic machines like Roland Tb-303, Tr-808, Tr-909 etc. Processing is done mainly on heavy analogue outboard gear like Pultec EQs, SSL compressors, Manley Massive Passive Equalizer....

Download contains 20GB - 12.053 x 24bit WAV Loops & Oneshots

The WAV format works in all DAWs and samplers like Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro, Bitwig, Akai MPC, Octatrack, Analog Rytm, NI MASCHINE etc.

Your download link will be sent to you manually via e-mail, this happens usually within 1h, however in some cases it can take up to 24h.

Sounds inspired by Paula Temple, 999999999, Jeff Mills, Florian Meindl, Lady Starlight, Len Faki, Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Amelie Lens, Dax J, Hector Oaks, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Berghain...


The sample pack bundle contains those individual releases:

5 Analog Trigger Signals with different swing from original 909 (24bit WAV Recordings)
Riemann Acid Techno 3 WAV
Riemann Background Noises 4 WAV
Riemann Background Noises 5 WAV
Riemann Berlin Techno 1 WAV
Riemann Berlin Techno 2 WAV
Riemann Dark Melodic Techno 1 WAV and MIDI
Riemann Dark Melodic Techno 2 WAV and MIDI
Riemann Deep Techno 5 WAV
Riemann Deep Techno 6 WAV
Riemann Detroit Tech House 1 WAV
Riemann Detroit Tech House 2 WAV
Riemann Distorted Drums 3 WAV
Riemann Distorted Drums 4 WAV
Riemann Distorted Kickdrums 4 WAV
Riemann Distorted Kickdrums 5 WAV
Riemann Distorted Kicks 6 WAV
Riemann Dub Techno 2 WAV
Riemann Dub Techno Chords 2 WAV
Riemann Dungeon Techno 2 WAV
Riemann Dungeon Techno 3 WAV
Riemann Electro Techno 1 WAV
Riemann Electro Techno 2 WAV
Riemann Hard Techno 1 WAV
Riemann Hard Techno 2 WAV
Riemann Industrial Techno 5 WAV
Riemann Industrial Techno 6 WAV
Riemann Kollektion 18 feat. Leghau WAV
Riemann Kollektion 19 feat. Jamie Anderson WAV
Riemann Melodic Synths 1 WAV
Riemann Melodic Techno 1 WAV and MIDI
Riemann Melodic Techno 2 WAV
Riemann Minimal Kicks 2 WAV
Riemann Minimal Kicks 3 WAV
Riemann Modular Techno 1 WAV
Riemann Psychedelic Techno 1 WAV
Riemann Puristic Techno 2 WAV
Riemann Rave Techno 4 WAV
Riemann Rave Techno 5 WAV
Riemann Raw Hypnotic Techno 1 WAV
Riemann Techno Basslines 2 WAV
Riemann Techno Basslines 3 WAV
Riemann Techno Drums 4 WAV
Riemann Techno Drums 5 WAV
Riemann Techno Kickdrums 4 WAV
Riemann Techno Kickdrums 5 WAV
Riemann Techno MASSIVE Presets 2
Riemann Techno Oneshots 3 WAV
Riemann Techno Oneshots 4 WAV
Riemann Techno Ride Loops 1 WAV
Riemann Techno Sequences 2 WAV
Riemann Techno Sequences 3 WAV
Riemann Techno Top Loops 5 WAV
Riemann Techno Top Loops 6 WAV
Riemann Tripping Techno 2 WAV

 Roland Tb-303 Tr-808 Tr-909

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Sándor Németh
Sample Pack

Great quality


Great quality


RIEMANN 20GB (11.615 x 24bit WAV Techno Loops & Oneshots) 2020 Edition

Well worth the buy!

Huge bundle, it will take a while to explore it completely but as far as i can say, its great!!

Jason A.
Super strong bundle!

There is everything inside you need and more, really! It's an incredible source of sounds especially if you are into industrial techno and dark techno!

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